My name is Elias Dabbas and this is what I believe:

Human Being: A creature that has two legs, needs food, water, etc... (our needs as humans are pretty much the same).

Person: A human being that has his/her own personality, which is unique and specific to them. (our needs as persons are unique to each one of us).

Culture: A set of norms, habits, values, and accepted behaviors that govern and help identify a group of people.

Personality: The expression of a person's uniqueness and ultimate satisfaction, which needs to be fulfilled and realized through some cultural medium.

The Internet: The medium of all media, where personal and cultural expression can thrive at the maximum speed and power.

Internet (Online) Marketing: The evolution and propagation of culture, ideas, and personalities through the internet.


This site is about internet marketing.

OK, but what is The Media Supermarket?

It's an online marketing company in Dubai. Although the company consists of one person, I work with many teams and people from different companies, utilizing different advertising platforms and systems, otherwise I / we cannot do the job. 


Services Provided:

Online Camapign Management: Your Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns fully managed in English or Arabic. Different models are available depending on the type of your business; CPM, CPC, CPA, CPF (cost per fan / follower).

Web Analytics: Having worked on over a hundred sites, and having been certified in Google Analytics, I can help with the setup, reporting, and analysis of your site to keep you updated on your site's performance and to recommend changes and improvements.

SEO: General consulting and training on Search Engine Optimization best practices and content recommendations for your website.

Clienst I work / worked with:

Al Rajhi Bank
Sky News Arabia
FOX Movies ME
Al Aan TV
anaZahra (Abu Dhabi Media Company)
Eurosport Arabia
Souq Al Mal


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