Sticking to Your Goals No Matter What

Is a very bad idea, usually.
Most of our goals and aspirations are extremely affected by our current state of mind. When I’m really thirsty, I decide to drink gallons of water when I have access to it, and I mean it. But we know what happens when the water comes. Two or three glasses are more than enough to satisfy the thirst.

Many times we set goals and objectives for ourselves as a reaction to what is going on in our lives. Nothing wrong with that, we need to respond to what’s going on and shouldn’t be blind to it. The problem is when we stick to those goals, even after we had our three glasses of water.

It’s difficult to imagine feeling warm when we are feeling cold. It’s difficult to imagine feeling full when we are hungry. And so, as the need continues to be unsatisfied, we start to exaggerate how much we need it and how happy we will be when we attain it.

The key is to differentiate between the real needs that really need following through to the end, and the ones that are reactions to a state we are going through.